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Bullying Policy

At Tommy’s Summer Camp bullying is inexcusable, and we have a firm policy against all types of bullying. Each camper is expected to treat all other campers with respect, and to help each other achieve the best possible experience. If a camper has difficulty meeting this expectation, parents may be called upon to assist.

Our leadership addresses all incidents of bullying seriously and trains staff to promote communication with their staff and their campers. We work together as a team to ensure that campers gain self-confidence, make new friends, and go home with their camp experience.

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Be a friend not a bully

Kindness is our superpower. Together, we can stand up against bullying and make our world a safer, more inclusive place.

#StopBullying #ChooseKindness #StandUp

NO Cell Phones Policy


Tommy summer Camp operates under a “strongly encouraged no-cell phone” policy at camp. 

It states, “Campers are strongly encouraged not to bring a cell phone to camp. Additionally, all other electronic devices are banned from camp. Any camper caught violating this policy will have their cell phone/device confiscated and may face immediate expulsion from camp.” 

Cell phones have posed many challenges in past camps including:

  • Conflicts between campers 

  • Inappropriate and frequent use 

  • Focusing on friends at home rather than friends at camp 

  • Campers’ instinct to call parents when they need advice instead of turning to their peers, counselors, leaders or directors.

  • Preventing campers from problem solving 

  • Lost/stolen/damaged devices.

  • Distraction & disconnection from camp activities, coaches and fellow students

  • Devalues the instructional, educational, social and personal growth and confidence benefits of camp.

Refund Policy


We acknowledge that unforeseen circumstances may arise, necessitating changes to your session dates or cancellation altogether.

Before proceeding, please familiarize yourself with the following general guidelines:

• Cancellation with more than 30 days until the session start date will result in a refund of all money paid, less 20% deduction (excluding the non-refundable registration fee of $50).

• Cancellation between 15 and 30 days until the session start date will result in a 50% refund (excluding the non-refundable registration fee of $50).

• No refunds will be issued for cancellations made within 2 weeks prior to the start of the camp.

Internet Social Networking and Blogging Policy for Campers

In general, our camp views social networking sites, personal Web sites, and Weblogs positively and respects the right of campers to use them as a medium of self-expression.

If a camper chooses to identify himself or herself as a camper at our camp on such Internet venues, some readers of such Web sites or blogs may view the camper as a representative or spokesperson of the camp.

In light of this possibility, our camp requires, as a condition of participation in the camp, that campers observe the following guidelines when referring to the camp, its programs or activities, its campers, and/or employees, in a blog or on a Web site.

  • Campers must be respectful in all communications and blogs related to or referencing the camp, its employees, and other campers.

  • Campers must not use obscenities, profanity, or vulgar language.

  • Campers must not use blogs or personal Web sites to disparage the camp, other campers, or employees of the camp.

  • Campers must not use blogs or personal Web sites to harass, bully, or intimidate other campers or employees of the camp. Behaviors that constitute harassment and bullying include, but are not limited to, comments that are derogatory with respect to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, color, or disability; sexually suggestive, humiliating, or demeaning comments; and threats to stalk, haze, or physically injure another person.

  • Campers must not use blogs or personal Web sites to discuss engaging in conduct that is prohibited by camp policies, including, but not limited to, the use of alcohol and drugs, sexual behavior, sexual harassment, and bullying.

Any camper found to be in violation of any portion of this Social Networking and Blogging Policy will be subject to immediate disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.

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